SBAB Working Party Week

One of our Senior Architects, Aleksandra, took part as a volunteer in the The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Working Party last week.

SPAB Working Party 2021, Boxley Abbey

We support our employees to take the time to go to these fantastic industry experience days/weeks, and always enjoy hearing how valuable and enjoyable they were.

Here is Aleksandra’s report on last week:

“This year’s SPAB Working Party was the third one that was held in Boxley Abbey near Maidstone. It was very well organised, with lots of volunteers and specialists attending and excellent Covid-19 measures were brought on site. The volunteers were working on different tasks and were divided into small groups within the Boxley Abbey grounds, including St Andrew’s chapel (known as the SPAB Old House Project). We were able to learn more about brickwork repair and repointing, stonework repair, soft capping, timber repair, etc through practice on site. All the lime mortar used was made with quicklime burnt on site in a field kiln. The burning of local Grey Chalk was led by the expert in the area – Stafford Holmes.

SPAB’s approach towards historic buildings and sites is based on the protection of the ‘fabric’ which they are made of. Following the advice and guidance of the experts and gaining first-hand experience has given me additional knowledge about how repair works should be done on our own construction sites and what to look for as a final product. I am now even more confident in my abilities to solve problems on site and show the right methodology within practice.”

For more information about the week, please read SBAB's latest blog >

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