The Clague name has been synonymous with conservation architecture in the South East for generations, James Clague Architects Ltd. is founded on this tradition. We passionately believe in protecting and enhancing the buildings around us and the lives of our local community. We are a friendly, energetic company, who thrive on working in partnership with our clients to ensure we deliver the best possible service and building outcome.


Our company message is Conserve-Restore-Inspire, which underpins our passion for looking after buildings, our commitment to returning them to their former state and where appropriate using modern techniques, technology and design to reinvent buildings.


As designers we recognise the significant responsibility we have in limiting the impact of buildings on the environment. We encourage our clients to consider sustainable methods of developing their buildings but in order to truly achieve sustainability we must enhance the long-term well being of our local and global environment and this is carefully considered throughout the design and construction of our projects.


The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio found in nature that can be used in design to create attractive natural looking compositions. The Golden Ratio has been used in architecture for centuries. The Fibonacci Gauge is used in design to create this ratio.

Designing Your Future

The Brief

The first and arguably the most important aspect of a project is to understand the brief.  We offer a free initial consultation where we listen carefully to what our client’s aspirations are and share our initial thoughts.  We explain the services we offer and the processes that need to be followed in order to deliver the project.

Following the meeting we write to the client setting out the services we propose to provide and our terms.  Once our proposal has been accepted we begin work on the design proposals.

Design & Planning

Working closely with our clients we design a scheme that addresses their brief and enhances the building and it’s surroundings. When the design is fully resolved we finalise drawings and documents and prepare and submit the planning and/or listed building consent applications to the Local Authority.

We act as lead consultant coordinating other specialist consultants that may be required to contribute to the applications.

Building Regulations & Tendering

After securing planning permission building projects require technical drawings to satisfy building regulations.  This package includes large-scale drawings with a construction specification. We prepare the necessary application and fully manage this phase.

The technical package is then worked up into a specification that fully describes the work. This tender package is sent to a short list of contractors for them to provide competitive estimates for the work.


We will prepare and administer a building contract between client and contractor. We supervise the build to ensure that it is delivered successfully and in accordance with the design and approvals. Regular site visits are made throughout construction to monitor progress, budget, and quality.  We certify interim valuations to protect the client financially.

Once the construction work is complete and any defects or snagging items have been rectified we will certify practical completion and manage the settlement of the final account before the building is handed over to the client.

Our Team

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