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As a Kent-based architectural practice, we specialise in the extension, conversion and alteration of residential properties and are particularly expert in working with period buildings and buildings in sensitive locations.

Whether working on a private home or developing a historical property for commercial purposes, we enhance the life of the building and its occupants by sensitively introducing modern design whilst respecting a buildings history and traditional construction.

The greatest human achievements occur in the place where art and science meet. This is where we choose to make our living.

We breathe new life into the historic and listed buildings of the area.


In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic our team have adapted and created methods to progress remotely during this time. Early consultations can be undertaken by video call whereby we can be taken on a virtual tour of your property. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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Listed Building Conservation

Building conservation

Kent has more listed buildings than any other county. That’s 19,000 in total, plus several thousand more buildings and structures that although unlisted, are still of historic architectural interest. Maintaining this rich architectural heritage for future generations is our professional responsibility.


Architectural Restoration

Returning historic architecture to its former glory is a highly detailed process. We work closely with planning authorities and other heritage bodies to ensure all our projects are conceived, designed and executed with the utmost sympathy to a building’s history and its surroundings.

Period Building Architectural Design

Design Inspiration

Reimagining historic architecture for present day use requires a delicate balance of heritage and modernity. Where appropriate we incorporate inspiring design and the latest technology into the fabric of a historic building, allowing the occupants to be a part of its on-going narrative without compromising their comfort.

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